Thomas Rips into Green for Calling His Teammate ‘Dirty’

The warriors and Celtics probably aren’t going to end up playing the NBA Finals this year, most people think the Warriors and Cavaliers playing in the finals is a far gone conclusion, but if by some chance the Warriors and Celtics do play, there’s going to be a lot of animosity between the two teams thanks to some comments that were just made by two star players.
Earlier this week Golden State forward draymond Green discussed a
recent altercation that took place between Boston Ford Kelly Olynyk and Wizards Ford Kelly Oubre on his Dray day podcast, he referred to Olynyk as a dirty player and said that he doesn’t respect players like Olynyk, he suggested that players like him have to resort to playing dirty since they aren’t all that good. Greene’s comments didn’t sit well with several Celtics players and Boston guard Isaiah Thomas in particular took issue with what Green said. Green has been involved in its fair share of dirty plays in the past, including several incidents that has involved him kicking opposing players below the belt, so Thomas thought it was ridiculous for him of all people to take a shot at Olynyk, Thomas rip Green while speaking with reporters on Wednesday “I don’t know how he can call anybody dirty. it is what it is. everybody’s got a comment or something today that’s all it is.”
And he didn’t stop there, Thomas also says that he doesn’t think Olynyk is a dirty player and he continued to rip green for suggesting that he is.
“It’s a joke that he said that, the playoffs everything somebody said is inflated out of proportion, everything somebody does is blown out of proportion as well, we can’t worry about what others are saying or doing”.
Eventually word got back to green about what Thomas had said about him, and while he’s usually one of the first NBA
players to respond to shots sent out by other players, he choose to take the subliminal approach when responding to the Celtics star. Green took to Twitter to send out a sub tweet about Thomas and the Celtics, “just get through that series
bro”. Thomas and the celtics are currently tied 2-2 in their best of seven playoff series with the Wizards, game 5 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday night, meanwhile Green and the Warriors are waiting for the Spurs and rockets to finish their series to see who they will play in the Western Conference Finals, that should give Green plenty of time to record his next podcast and issue a proper reaction to Thomas. that’s all the news for now but for all the latest on Isaiah Thomas and draymond Green be sure to subscribe to our website, Fan Page and our YT channel.