Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets – NBA Full Games | April 7,2018

The OKC travel to Texas to play the Rockets at Toyota Center on Saturday. The Oklahoma City Thunder (45-34) are one of many teams battling to reach the postseason in the Western Conference, as seemingly everyone is in the race. In fact, there are seven teams within four games of one another between fourth and 10th in the west, as every team still has a legitimate chance to sneak in.
Oklahoma City Thunder is right in the muck of it all, as they sit sixth, tied with the Spurs. That’s why these final three games are as critical as the first 79, as three-straight losses could knock them out of the playoffs altogether. The good news is that Oklahoma City Thunder magic number is down to one, as a win here would guarantee them a berth. What’s also amazing is the fact that Russell Westbrook’s pursuit for another triple-double season is still alive as well, as he needs to average just 13 rebounds a game across these last three games to attain that goal. He’d become the first ever player to accomplish that feat and no one will doubt that he’ll go all out for it in these final few games.

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