Why LeBron James Should Join the 76ers! 2018 NBA Free Agency

it’s about to be the summer of LeBron James, love decision part 3, LeBron’s got to be a mastermind again he’s got to put together a mean team of vicious team that’s gonna help him get more NBA championships, and as he gets older he’s gonna need to move away from the back packing LeBron James, can you imagine LeBron at 36 or 37 years old still trying to backpack a team to the finals to win it all.

so this offseason we’ll see where his mind is that what franchise he trusts the best, and I’ll actually make articles about all of the possible destinations for LeBron James but this first article is gonna be about the 76ers, and why I think he should go to Philly, I think this is the best fit for him just because the team has everything that he needs, he’s still in the Eastern Conference the East is weak there’s no true contenders except for now the Boston Celtics, when they get their star players back but all the other teams they’ve really got no shot.

the East is so weak that for the all-star game they had to change the format because nobody wanted to see LeBron James and a bunch of bums on the east take on all the real all-stars on the West, everybody knows the East this week so it’s in his best interest to stay here it’s the easiest road to the finals, now when we look at the 76ers they’ve got Joel Embiid they’ve got a shot blocking Center LeBron has never really played with a shot blocking Center, the first time he was on the Cavs he had Big Z he was tall but he was slow he wasn’t a rim protector he also had Varejao who couldn’t block a shot to save his life, defensively he was pretty decent but moving his feet getting under the skin of his opponents but no true shot blocker, then when he went to the heat they had Joel Anthony a six foot nine undersized guy, he did play his heart out and he did block some shots but he was undersized.

they also had Birdman who was kind of out of the league at the time they just signed him they didn’t have to pay him that much money he did a decent job but he’s not a real shot blocking rim protecting type of guy, and then when he went back to the Cavs his best shot blocker was Mozgov who isn’t really that great of a rim protector and then they had to play with Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love they’re not shot blockers and here’s the reality, if LeBron is on the team that doesn’t have a shot blocker he’s not gonna be able to get one no team is gonna trade LeBron a shot blocking Center we saw it happen, it didn’t happen when he was on the Cavs the first time when he went to the heat nobody would dare send him a shot blocking Center, and even when he went back to the Cavs you saw nobody was ever gonna let him have any type of shot blocking presence, it’s too rare and too difficult to find that type of player, everybody wants a shot blocking Center everybody wants a rim protector and that’s why LeBron when he makes his decision he should go somewhere that has that type of center, because that’s his best bet.

so you go to the 76ers not only do you have a shot blocker but embiid can actually score on offense he can shoot threes he can score in the post because most guys that block shots and rim protect like Rudy Gobert, Clint capela, DeAndre Jordan, these guys they’re all fences trash but embiid can spread the floor and then if LeBron goes to the bench Embiid can go down in a pose you can run the offense through him you can slow the game down LeBron doesn’t have to keep doing picking rolls and getting switches using turbo the whole game going from the three-point line to the pain he can kind of chill on some offensive possessions he can conserve his energy on offense especially as he continues to age.

LeBron needs a good defensive team he can’t afford to be on a team that doesn’t play defense because he’s not playing defense anymore, and LeBron is aging so his defense is not gonna get any better as he continues to age, you saw it in these finals in Game three he switched off of Kevin Durant that was the weakest screen set by current he just said I’m not gonna get involved, he’s not really playing defense he’s not putting that effort in on the defensive end with one-on-one matchup so he needs a great defensive team in Finley they’re a good defensive team.

and they have three-point shooters, so unlike the Cavs where everybody that can shoot threes can’t play defense you know they got Robert Covington, he’s a good defender and you don’t want to leave him open for three he can knock it down if you leave them open they’ve got a great supporting cast of three-point shooters even guys that come off the bench a great mix of veterans and young players and don’t forget about mark Hill folks I don’t really know what happened this season he didn’t play was injured a little bit but he’s a great defender and he has a jump shot he can make a jump shot it releases a little bit funky-looking, but he can make that shot, they’ve got tons of three-point shooting JJ Redick, Belinelli, Dario, Elias Silva he’s got snipers on a team he’s got defense, and then he also has a little miniature version of himself a younger version of himself a Ben Simmons, a guy that has the exact same mindset has the exact same play style the exact same play making ability, that he can mentor.

there’s no other team in the league that’s gonna have a shot blocking Center that can also shoot threes and then you’re gonna have a Ben Simmons that’s impossible, Ben Simmons is a rare type of player obviously he’s gonna have to work on his shot and if he was smart as soon as he got eliminated from the playoffs he should have been hitting that gym every day putting up those thousand shots working on that mid-range, he needs a mid-range for this next season and then the following season he needs three-point range.

and last but not least the 76ers have the catch space to sign LeBron they can basically keep the team exactly the same and just add LeBron there with minimal changes to the roster, all these other teams they’re not gonna be able to have the luxury of just doing that just adding LeBron and everything is already there, everything is already in place everything they need, it’s only Philly that has all of these components together right now and that’s why I believe LeBron James should go to the 76ers, because going into the future this 76ers team they’re only gonna get better they’re still gonna be young they’re still gonna have all this potential and with the star power the greatness of LeBron James this is a true championship contender, trust the process know complete the process.