Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Full Games Replay | December 25, 2017

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NBA Full Games Replay Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors NBA Full Games Replay | December 25, 2017 | NBA Season 2017-18                                                          Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game day get ready.
Christmas Day is here, which means that we get to see amazing NBA action all day long. Check out some numbers NBA Full Games Replay on Christmas Day.

Problems with Cleveland… 1: Tyronn Lue is the worst coach I’ve ever seen in my life.

2: They don’t have an offense, their offense is “give the ball to LeBron & react to whatever he does”, this is why he has to play 60 mins & the team looks awful when he’s not on the court.

3: the defense… Jesus I can’t even critique the defense because THEY DONT PLAY DEFENSE. Every time the opposing team score they all look around looking lost & then start blaming each other.

4: LeBron gets no calls… & he complains so much about it that he doesn’t get back on defense too often. Something his teammates also do.

5: They don’t practice…. Honest question, if the team don’t practice, LeBron make the substitutions half the time, LeBron call the plays, the defense trash, they don’t have an offensive system… WTF DOES TYRONN LUE DO???.

6: For some reason LeBron rarely attacks the damn paint when they play Golden State. He’s either passive or settle for threes, Fuck he think he is, STEPH? GETCHO BIG ASS IN THE DAMN PAINT & ATTACK.

Warriors offensive rebound sucked tonight.  Steve Kerr continues to disappoint me with his coaching style, refusing to play Mcgee,   limited  Swagga P minutes, and at times it looked like there were only two scorers on the court ( KD and Klay.)    Nevertheless, Warriors played their best defense tonight ( accept for offensive rebound) and I was happy to see how motivated they were to win.  props to Green for going from cold to hot in the last minutes.

This game is useless lebron didnt even tried he just passed the whole game(passive lebron)and the warriors started rookies.. Lebron wasnt even serious and is laid back just watching how his bench will play against the warriors and kd is fired up this game he is trying while lebron didn’t even care only love for thr cavs is communicating and fired up, the game only turned up around 4 min left and the refs bad calls made the cavs lose while cavs did shoot 30% from the field but yet they almost win the game.. Can’t wait for the NBA finals.