[Breaking surprising news] : Anthony Davis Traded to Lakers 2019 NBA Free Agency

LeGM Back at it, Breaking news Anthony Davis has been traded to the Lakers no Kyle Kuzma the Lakers kept Kuzma, they’re gonna send Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three future first round picks including the number four pick in this year’s draft, wow the Pelicans Got robbed.

Lakers fans you got to celebrate you did it, you didn’t even have to get rid of kuzma i’m amazed, because the tow extra first round picks the lakers are gonna be in the playoffs, so those picks are gonna be trash, here that number fourth pick is nice but being able to keep Kuzma and get Davis, and they’re still gonna have cap space too so they could still get somebody else in free agency woooow, and what this means is that Kyrie really is leaving Boston Celtics because i guess the Celtics said we’ll not trading we don’t wanna do it anymore, so this is even better than the lakers trading for Davis at the dead line because they would’ve giving up a lot more, they didn’t geving up as much this is a robbery.

Giv it up to LeGM his back at it, we see him we see the agent of Anthony Davis it all work the plan wort, and now the Lakers they’re seriously gonna be contending, when you put Davis There and their team is not done, they got all summer to figure it out and get other pieces, get the bench right they’re probably gonna give another star too because now that you got Lebron and Davis anything is a possibility.

I can’t wait to see NBA Fans reaction, and especially pelicans fans how do you feel about that trade because you have Jrue Holiday while you want Lonzo Ball you didn’t get kyle Kuzma? i think Kuzma and Ingrame would’ve been a beautiful with that number fourth pick.